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  • Are Your Children Ready for Some Painting and Decorating?

    Colour Your Own Playhouse

    All children love drawing and painting. They also love playing house and many grownups are painfully aware that given half the chance, lots of little angels would love to paint and draw on all the walls of the family home. Here at WoodenToyShop we are all about encouraging children to express their creative and artistic instincts which is why we have devoted a section of our store to art and creativity toys including two colour-your-own-playhouses. One of these fantastic toys is on offer in our latest Wooden Wednesday competition so read on to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize.


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  • The Twelfth and Final Day of Woodvent

    The Final Day of Woodvent


    As Santa starts to think about getting his sleigh out of the garage and the elves are finishing the final toys on their lists, we have arrived at the final day in our Twelve Days of Woodvent competition.


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  • The Tenth Day of Woodvent

    Woodvent Day 10


    After a recent risk assessment carried out by our health and safety representative, leaping by Lords or anyone else has been banned in the warehouse and office. So instead of jumping aristocrats we are offering another £25 voucher as the prize for Woodvent Day 10.

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  • The Ninth Day of Woodvent

    Woodvent Window 9


    Only a few days left now until the end of Woodvent. Today we are once again offering you the chance to win a £25 voucher to spend on that last minute Christmas present or perhaps to save for an upcoming birthday. Continue reading

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