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Music Festivals for Kids

  • A DIY Festival at Home with the Kids

    Festival Time


    Summer is here and festival season is upon us once again. Across the country rental vehicles are being collected, cars and vans are being crammed with camping gear, food, booze, waterproofs and wellies. Seasoned festival goers who were unsuccessful in the annual Glastonbury ticket bun fight are looking wistfully at the reasonable weather forecast and wishing, once again, that they were heading down to Worthy Farm for one of the best weekends of the year. On the other hand, festival veterans with young families may well be thinking that it is probably for the best after all that the kids are too young for the delights and chaos of a music festival. Fear not, mums and dads, the festival fans at WoodenToyShop  have come up with a few (tongue in cheek) suggestions for creating your own Homestonbury or Housestock* this weekend. Continue reading

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