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  • Easter Holiday Fun in the Garden!

    Keep the kids amused during the Easter holidays by spending time in the garden, learning about nature and having lots of fun!

    Our children’s gardening range has a fantastic selection of tools for green-fingered kids including wheelbarrows, watering cans and wooden garden tools that are especially sized for little hands. We even sell plant pots and seeds so that children can grow their own flowers and vegetables!

    Children's Gardening Set Children's Wheelbarrow Set
    Childrens Garden Gift Tool Set Childrens Wheelbarrow & Tool Set Bundle
    Our Children's Garden Gift Tool Set contains all the tools youngsters need to help grown ups in the garden. The set comes in a shoulder bag with handy pockets for the tools and an adjustable strap. Save over 10% by buying our children's metal wheelbarrow and garden tool set as a bundle. This set is ideal for young gardeners whether they are weeding, cleaning up leaves or helping grown ups in the garden.
    £27.99 £49.99
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     Children's red Wheelbarrow  Children's Gardening Cart
    Children's Red Wheelbarrow Children's Metal Cart
    Children are certain to have hours of fun in the garden with this Children's Red Wheelbarrow. They can help out parents and work on their own projects as they scoot around behind this brilliant red wheelbarrow with comfort grips. Made of metal this sturdy little wheelbarrow is built to last! Some assembly required. This sturdy little Metal Cart is made by the respected French toymaker Janod. The cart is ideal for little ones to take their favourite dolls, animals and toys for walks. Also ideal for use in the garden so that children can transport plants, soil and tools and maybe even help out mum and dad at the same time!
    £27.99 £22.50
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     Childrens deck chair  Children's Gardening Fork
    Kids Red/White Stripe Deckchair Older Childrens Hand Fork
    Just the ticket for a rest after a hard days work in the garden! This delightful red and white striped deckchair for children is made by the specialist Belgian toymaker Egmont. The deckchair has a wooden frame with a safety screw to protect little fingers and a retro red and white stripe canvas seating area. The Joseph Bentley Apprentice Carbon Steel Childrens Hand Fork with three carbon steel tines is perfect for weeding and cultivating the soil in beds and borders. Designed for the youth gardener aged 7 years and above, the fork is set on a solid oak wood handle - contoured for greater comfort.
    £27.50 £4.99
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    Children's Glove Set Green Watering Can 
    Children's Blue Garden Tool Belt Set Green Watering Can
    Our Children's Blue Garden Tool Belt Set is a great starter garden tool set for children. The set includes a blue trowel and fork with sturdy metal heads and wooden handles, and a pair of blue rigger style garden gloves. The set comes in a green tool belt edged in blue trim. Children will have lots of fun in the garden with this sturdy green metal watering can. It is the ideal size for children and has a fixed spout with a rose head. The watering can has both both top and side handle to make it easier for younger children to carry and water plants with.
    £9.95 £8.95
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    Sunflower Growing Pot Growing Pot of Fun - Sunflower Tomato growing kit Growing Pot of Fun - Tasty Tomato
    With our sunflower growing pot of fun set children can grow their own giant sunflowers. The sunflower growing set contains a plastic pot, a water tray, sunflower seeds, compost cubes and a lovely wooden butterfly plant marker. Simply add water to the compost cubes, stir in some extra garden soil and plant the seeds and watch them grow! With our tasty tomato growing pot of fun set children can grow their own tasty tomatoes. The set comes with a plastic plant pot, a water tray, tomato seeds, compost cubes and a cute little wooden hedgehog plant marker.
    £7.95 £7.95
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  • Watch the miracle of metamorphosis up close with our Butterfly Lifecycle Kits

    This week we’ve added a fantastic new collection of Butterfly Lifecycle Kits to the Website.

    Watch the miracle of metamorphosis up close; raise and feed your very own butterflies & then watch them fly away as you release them out into the wild. It’s an educational experience your child will never forget!

    Already have a lifecycle kit from last year? We sell Caterpillar Refill Vouchers!

    Kids Butterfly Set Live Butterfly Pavilion
    Children's Butterfly Set Large Butterfly Pavilion Set
    The Children's Butterfly Set by Insect Lore is a perfect gift for your young ones or project for the classroom. Children will love watching as the 5 caterpillars in the set go into their cocoons only to emerge days later as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies (your certificate covers the cost of the caterpillars but £2.99 p&p is payable). This set comes with a large butterfly pavilion net (60 cm tall), a certificate for ten caterpillars (your certificate covers the cost of the caterpillars but £3.50 p&p is payable when you order), food and a detailed fact guide. This butterfly pavilion kit is ideal for use in schools or at home.
    £13.25 £24.99
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    Butterfly Kit - Large Large Butterfly Kit
    Giant Butterfly Set with Life Cycles Stages Figures Classroom Butterfly Set
    This set comes with a 45cm high collapsible and reusable butterfly habitat, a certificate which can be redeemed for the 10 caterpillars with food (£3.99 p&p fee required when you redeem the certificate online with the caterpillar breeder), feeding pipette, instructions and Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle Stages figures. The Classroom Butterfly Set consists of a large net (60cm high), a certificate which will enable you to order 33 caterpillars, a feeding pipette for the butterflies, instruction guide, fun fact sheet with word games, a booklet with a mini-lesson and drawings to colour.
    £27.99 £59.99
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    Caterpillar Refil Kit Caterpillar Classroom Refill Kit
    5 Live Caterpillar Refill for Butterfly Kits 33 Live Caterpillar Refill for Classroom Sets
    If you already have one of the habitat nets from our children's butterfly kits and would like to buy more caterpillars for your butterfly set, you can do so using this Butterfly Refill to order 5 live caterpillars. The 33 Live Caterpillar Refill for Classroom Sets is ideal for teachers and parents looking to restock their larger butterfly pavilions. Please allow 3-5 weeks for your collection of caterpillars to morph into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.
    £12.50 £39.99
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     Children Spider Farm  Worm Farm
    Childrens Spider Farm Children's Worm Farm
    Now you can keep spiders as pets with our Children's Spider Farm. Keep them for a week or two and study them to discover what really makes them tick! Children will learn how to keep spiders safely, observe how they make their nests, how they feed and breed. With our children's worm farm you can observe the life of worms up close. Watch as the worms mix up the different coloured layers in the farm and eat the leaves and food that you feed them. Our children's worm farm provides children the opportunity to learn more about worms and their importance in our ecosystem.
    £9.99 £15.99
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    Kids Stick Insect Kit Stick Insect Kit Ladybird Habitat Bug Land Ladybird Habitat
    Our live stick insect kit is ideal for children to study the life cycle of the Indian Stick Insect. The set comes complete with pop-up housing for your Indian stick insects, a coupon for you to redeem online or by post for the eggs and a stick insect fact guide. Your child is sure to enjoy looking at their ladybird collection with their very own Bug Land Ladybird Habitat. The habitat is in the shape of a dome allowing your child the ideal view of all their little flying friends.
    £15.99 £10.99
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  • Goodbye to our Bullfinches

    Male bullfinch Images courtesy of


    Our little country cottage has suffered a cruel double whammy during the last month. The shock of a blustery and wet autumn replacing the warmest and longest summer in recent memory has been exacerbated by the disappearance of our beloved bullfinches from the garden. It may be the abundance of soft fruit and seeds, or perhaps they are away catching bugs and spiders; whatever the reason, we have been mourning their loss keenly and wondering what happened to our colourful feathered friends.

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