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Buying wooden toys for your loved ones but don't know what to look out for? Or are you having trouble with the new wooden train set you've just purchased and need troubleshooting help? Looking for an installation guide for your wooden dolls house? This is a good place to start. The team behind Wooden Toy shop is compiling up to date guides and documentation for all the important help you need with choosing your new wooden toys as well as how to guides, installation guides and troubleshooting guides.

If you're still experiencing difficulties or would like to speak to us about your wooden toy, do not hesitate to contact us.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Musical Toys for Children - See our full range here.

Children love making music almost as much as they love making loud noises. Our selection of wonderful wooden musical toys will delight all young musicians.


Read:  The WoodenToyShop Guide to Baking Role Play Toys

The popularity of TV shows such as the Great British Bake Off is reflected in the popularity of baking role play toys. This guide showcases just a few of the brilliant wooden toys in our wonderful selection of wooden pretend baking equipment, ingredients and play food.

Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Play Food - See our full range here.

The virtual aisles of our play food section are perhaps the busiest of all at WoodenToyShop. This handy guide will give you a flavour of the many tasty morcels on show.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Wooden Farm Toys - See our full range here.

A few cows, some chickens, maybe geese or ducks and a pig? What animals will your children choose for their new toy farm?


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Toy Castles - See our full range here.

Children love tales of knights fighting dragons and rescuing damsels in distress. Our guide to toy castles gives you a full rundown on our comprehensive selection of magnificent wooden castles.


Read: The WoodenToyShopGuide to Wooden Rocking Horses for Babies and Toddlers - See our full range here.

Toy horses, whether rocking horses or hobby horses, have been favourite toys for generations of children. This guide looks at all the wooden horses available in our store and one or two less traditional rockers that will bring your little ones plenty of fun.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Wooden Balance Bikes – See our full range here.

A suitable set of wheels will help your little ones build confidence, independence and help them get where they need to go! This guide explores the fantastic range of balance bikes available: from speedy-looking motorbikes and scooters to more traditional, sedate vehicles. Either way, they’re guaranteed to turn heads wherever they go.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Toy Tools & Workbenches – See our full range here.

We’d all like a little hand now and again with those DIY tasks that crop up around the house and these tools really are perfect for little hands. This guide will tell you how to put together a great tool kit and workbench for your new apprentice and get them looking the part too.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Le Toy Van Dolls House Furniture – See our full range here.

Le Toy Van put a great deal of thought into designing and manufacturing their dolls’ houses, so it’s only natural that you’d want to put the same degree of effort into ensuring that the furnishings and accessories are just as nice. Thankfully, Le Toy Van can help you there as well with a fantastic range of furniture. Find out more about their range, design your rooms and watch the stories unfold before your eyes. Just don't get too wrapped up in your offspring's newest soap opera.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Toy Kitchens – See our full range here.

Getting your little ones to work with you in the kitchen can be a great way of turning a daily routine chore into something a little bit more fun, it’s only natural that they’d want to help out, but it can get kind of messy. This guide takes you through building a kitchen with all the most desirable accessories and ingredients but at a smaller, more manageable scale. Just don’t be tempted to take a bite out of anything.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to the Benefits of Creative Play – See our full range here.

Read this guide and you’ll have everything you need to discover whether there are any budding artists in your household. Creative toys are a fantastic way to inspire young children and boost the power of their imagination. Supply them with fun tools and a great canvas and you might even keep their glue and paint covered fingers off your nice white walls.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Wooden Toy Boxes & Chests – See our full range here.

Nothing strikes fear into a child’s heart so much as telling them it’s time to put the toys away. So what if there was a way to turn it into something less likely to cause a trembling lip? Something exciting, even?  Turn it into a pirate’s buried treasure or follow one of the many other tips in this guide that show you how to do the unthinkable – make tidying up fun.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Ride-on Toys & Balance Bikes – See our full range here.

Cars are all well and good, they get you from A to B but from a sleek Aston Martin to a Morris Minor they are all fundamentally much the same. Thankfully with wooden ride-on toys the range and variety of steed is considerably wider. Not interested in cars? How about a ridable bumblebee, giraffe or zebra instead? Find your favourite with our helpful guide.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Dolls’ House Furniture Sets – See our full range here.

Once you have the perfect dolls’ house the real fun can begin – furnishing it! This guide will take you through some of the best options available for establishing the style and design of your miniature home, creating a lifetime of story opportunities to supercharge your child’s imagination and get their creativity flowing.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Wooden Dolls Houses – See our full range here.

Wooden dolls’ houses have been enchanting the children of the world for hundreds of years and represent one of the most successful and traditional toys a child can receive. This does, of course, mean that choosing the right dolls’ house can be a daunting proposition. Let us guide you through the process with this handy primer to some of our favourite houses.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Top 10 Traditional Wooden Toys for Christmas

Even for the most cynical of adults there can be few things as evocative and nostalgic as the idea of unwrapping new presents at Christmas. This guide will help ensure that your loved ones are as enthusiastic about the contents of the wrapper paper as they are to tear it off. Find out which toys we think have best stood the test of time and still make fantastic gifts and stocking fillers.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Bigjigs Train Sets – See our full range here.

Lots of toys go brum, toot or chugchugchugchug but train sets fit into that rarest of categories: a toy that does all three! From a small track that can be pieced together in seconds to the wooden equivalent of the Orient Express, train sets can turn any room or table into a new rail adventure. This guide will show you how to build the perfect train set from Bigjigs’ great selection.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Le Toy Van Dolls’ Houses – See our full range here.

A dolls house isn’t just a toy, it’s a whole world of storytelling that any child can have at their fingertips and Le Toy Van make some of the most detailed and lovingly crafted houses in the world. Read our guide to find the best wooden real estate for your little ones to live out their miniatures lives in.


Read: The WoodenToyShop Guide to Buying Toys by Age

Wooden toys make fantastic birthday and Christmas gifts, but it’s not always easy to know exactly what presents are suitable for kids of different ages. This guide will give you appropriate gift ideas that will stimulate the mind and imagination of babies, toddlers and beyond. 


Download: Wooden Toys - How To Play Dominoes.pdf

European dominoes are traditionally made from wood, ivory or bone (hence the nickname – bones) but are also commonly made using stone, metals, ceramic or glass. Dominoes are usually small rectangular tiles – white, black, or the colour of whichever natural material they are made from – which are divided into two equal sections. The most common set of dominoes is known as a ‘double-six’ set (illustrated below) which contains twenty eight bones, tiles, or dominoes. Each section contains a number, represented by blanks or dots (pips), between zero and six. The full set represents all possible combinations of the numbers zero through to six...


Download: Wooden Toys - How To Play Solitaire.pdf

The rules of Solitaire are deceptively simple. The Solitaire board is usually circular and contains 33 holes (for pegs) or grooves (for balls) arranged in a cross as shown below. Each hole or groove is filled with a peg or ball EXCEPT the central position (number 17 in the illustration) which is either left empty or is sometimes filled with a peg or ball of a unique colour. This central marker is removed to start the game. All you have to do is remove all of the pegs or balls from the board by ‘jumping’ either to the right or left or above or below a ball and into an empty space next to the ball. Traditional rules do not allow diagonal moves...


Download: Wooden Toys - How to Play Cricket in the Garden or on the Beach.pdf

Our wooden toy cricket sets for kids are aimed at the garden or beach cricketer, young or old. The rules for playing cricket in these alternative environments are flexible to say the least; so in the spirit of fun and as an encouragement to all to play our favourite ball game, we offer you these light hearted suggestions for how to play cricket in the garden, on the beach or just about anywhere else that isn’t a properly regulated cricket pitch. If you find these suggestions useful, remember to make sure that all players agree on the rules before play begins.


Download: Wooden Toys - How to Play Tiddlywinks.pdf

A simple game of Tiddlywinks is a rite of passage for many children and a pleasure that can be repeated time and again over many years. In fact, for some people Tiddlywinks becomes a lifetime’s passion, but for dedicated WoodenToyShoppers we’ve compiled these simple guidelines to playing this wonderful game.