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Storage Ideas for Toys

Sure, you could go and buy some boxes, but the cardboard ones wont withstand those heavier toys and the plastic ones might look a bit out of place. Youll also probably have to stack them on top of each other which doesnt make for easy reaching for the kids. Some wooden toys might tolerate a bit of squashing but the plastic toys might break under the weight of stacking.

So, what to do? How to make the toys disappear without really disappearing?

Ultimately, you want things to be tidy and easy to tidy, without looking out of place or being a danger to your children. Its their bedroom or playroom, not a loft.

Yes, its possible to have a clean house AND have kids with toys. In fact, its more than possible. Its an exciting stroke of genius at how easily this can be achieved. Take a look at the infographic below for some fantastic ideas on how to bring order to the chaos and store your childrens toys with style.


Storage for Toys

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