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  • Wooden Toys And Hand Eye Co-ordination

    As well as motor skills, wooden toys are ideal for developing other skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness and general problem solving and reasoning skills. They are also good for taking the first steps on the educational ladder as many toys aid the recognition of letters, words, numbers and shapes.

  • Developing Imagination: Wooden Toys

    As a child gets older the choice of wooden toy increases and as well as continually improving the basic skills learnt with their first toys, they are fantastic for developing imagination and fostering social skills which are essential as the early school years beckon. Toys such as dolls' houses, rocking horses, toy kitchens and toy farmyards give children hours of endless fun and they learn not only to use their imaginative skills but also to share their toys and experiences with other children.

  • Make Wooden Toys The Choice For Christmas

    There are lots of different types of toys available for your children and it seems that each Christmas the choice for parents gets wider and wider and there are many advertising campaigns trying to convince kids and parents to buy the latest must have toys. However, as with so many things, the toys that have stood the test of time are generally much more popular and beneficial to the child and we know from first hand experience that the traditional wooden toys in our children's playroom are usually the first ones out of the toy boxes in the morning and the last ones to be put away at night. So if you're looking for a perfect gift for your little one, you can't go too far wrong with a wooden toy.

  • Outdoor Wooden Toys

    During the winter it is sometimes difficult to entertain the children - but come the summer months there are so many ways to encourage children to play outside. Once the warmer weather is here kids just love to be outside for as long as possible. Continue reading

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