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John Crane Tidlo Paragon Pirate Ship Review

John Crane Tidlo Paragon Pirate Ship

Ahoy me hearties! We recently received the John Crane Tidlo Paragon Pirate Ship, my son was delighted when we opened the box to reveal a gorgeous wooden pirate ship.

Some assembly is required but it is really easy to do & the assembly instructions are displayed using images which are easy to follow. Each wooden piece slots perfectly into the pre drilled holes, I was a bit cautious and thought my son would just pull them out again but shiver me timbers after hours of playing they are still in the slots so there was no need for any glue.

Paragon Pirate Ship


In the box you have one Paragon Pirate ship, sails, rigging, 6 pirates, 2 cannons, 2 barrels, anchor, treasure chest and of course to complete any good pirate ship a jolly Roger flag. The Pirate ship has hidden wheels on the bottom which allows you to easily push it along the carpet making your adventures of sailing the seven seas more fun & port holes as all ships do. I will add the wheels do squeak but this is because it is wooden & I slightly dusted the axle with baby talc and this reduced the noise.



In the deck of the ship there is a hidden compartment perfect for hiding any treasure, there is another hidden compartment at the stern of the pirate ship.  

Hidden Treasure


The Pirate ship measurements are H48cmxL59cmxW18cm, perfect in size for my son who is four, he has spent hours using his imagination to explore and play with it, each pirate has taken turns to play out different roles. He always places one in the crows nest and one at the wheel, one even played the role of ending up in Davy Jones locker for being a scallywag. This pirate ship is perfect for any child that likes pirates, The sails impressed me because you can hoist the sails which not many toy pirate ships allow you to do so. Each pirate looks the part and is well made, the anchor, barrels, treasure chest and cannons are all nicely painted. There is some slightly rough edges on the ship but not so that your child would be hurt.  What will your child’s adventures be? Whether it be sailing the seven seas in search of gold doubloons or hoisting the sails your child will love this solid wooden toy.



This wooden Pirate ship is suitable for ages 3+ which I agree is a suitable age andcan be bought for £35.95, I think this is excellent value.

I give the ship 4.5 out of 5.

I would recommend this to friends and family.

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