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Streets Ahead Dollshouse

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Streets Ahead Dollshouse are a British company based in Plymton in Devon.  Streets Ahead design all their own wooden dolls houses and their huge range of dolls house furniture right here in the UK. They offer an extensive range of wooden dolls houses ranging from the natural wood Bluebell dolls House for younger children through to the magnificent 3 storey The Mayfair Dolls House. 

Other popular wooden dolls houses in the range include The Exmouth Dolls House with a veranda and bay windows, Orchard Avenue Dolls House with bay windows and brick tudor style finish, The Dartmouth Dolls House which is a 3 storey wooden Georgian townhouse and Newnham Manor with it's magnificent pillard porch and balcony.

The Streets Ahead Dollshouse range also includes thousands of furniture sets and accessories to furnish your dolls house. We are sure that you will be spoiled for choice with this amazing Streets Aheah Dollshouse range.