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  • Keeping Kids Entertained on Long Car Journeys

    Travelling is tiring at the best of times, but with children along for the ride it can be even more taxing. Fear not! Weve looked into it for you and come up with some great ideas for keeping kids entertained on long car journeys.

    From games to play, to snacks and rest time, this infographic shows you just how to keep those young minds occupied. So youll hear less of the dreaded Are we there yet?

    Theres even a list of some essential items you wont want to travel without. Read on for top advice and tried and tested tips.

    Travelling with Kids

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  • Great Gift Ideas for Children

    Great Gift Ideas

    Wooden Farm Set Papo Big Farm
    Wooden Farm Set in a Truck Papo The Big Farm
    Our Wooden Farm Set in a truck comes with 13 colourful accessories including 7 farm animals, a farmer & a trough. The Papo Big Farm has an opening roof, a working winch to transport hay & 2 opening barn doors & a side door.
    Was 34.99 now 27.99 Was 79.95 now 67.99
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    Stable Block Papo Play Mat
    The Stable Block Papo Farm Play Mat
    The perfect home for your horse collection! The Papo Stable Block features 5 large stables (4 with half stable doors) & a removable roof. (Figures sold separately.) Our illustrated Farm Play Mat makes a great accessory to all your farm toys. The rolling countryside, streams & fields immerse you into a world of imaginative farm play.
    Was 59.95 now 49.95 23.95
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    Doll House in a Suitcase Parking Garage
    My Dolls House in a Suitcase My Parking Garage Set
    All you need for hours of imaginative play fun in this very suitcase! My Dolls House is packed full of accessories. With My Parking Garage Set you can park your cars or fly & land your helicopter on the marked out helipad.
    Was 44.99 now 34.99 Was 69.99 now 57.95
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    My Work Bench Football Croquet Set
    My Work Bench Football Croquet Set
    With 37 pieces, My Work Bench has everything your budding DIY enthusiast needs to build & fix, hammer & screw. Great for both indoor & outdoor play our Football Croquet Set features 6 footballers, 2 mallets & 2 balls.
    Was 79.99 now 56.00 Was 34.99 now 27.99
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  • Lanka Kade Toys

    Lanka Kade is a British company who design fabulous, colourful toys that are all hand crafted. The toys are manufactured by 10 small family owned cottage enterprises in Sri Lanka with whom they have a long working relationship.

    Wooden Zoo Building Blocks London Bus with Passengers
    Wooden Zoo Building Blocks Wooden London Bus & Passengers
    Children can build their very own zoo!Educational & fun this colourful Wooden Zoo Building Blocks set contains all the popular wild animals. Our Wooden London Bus comes with a bus driver, conductor &14 passengers. The roof is detachable & the floor removable.
    Was 26.50 now 22.95 Was 67.00now 59.95
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    London Building Blocks Fairytale Wooden Blocks
    London Wooden Building Blocks Fairytale Wooden Building Blocks
    This fabulous London Wooden Building Blocks set features many of the iconic buildings & sites. Neatly store the blocks in the bag provided after play. Build your own fantasy fairytale with our 50-piece Building Block Set. This colourful set has its very own prince & princess.
    Was 26.50 now 22.95 Was 26.50 now 22.95
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    Wooden Rainbow Ark Large Small Wooden Rainbow Ark Pirate Ships & Pirates Junior Wooden Ark
  • Streets Ahead Dollhouse

    Doll House Heaven

    Dollshouses from Wooden Toy Shop

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