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  • Lots more new arrivals!

    LOTS MORE NEW ARRIVALS from Wooden Toy Shop!

    Now Back in Stock - Skipper Toys

    Wooden Scones and Jam Safari Play Set
    Wooden Scones and Jam Safari Play Set
    This scrumptious Wooden Scones & Jam Set is beautifully hand painted & comes in a fabulous gift presentation box.The scones measure approximately 4.5cm wide. This colourful Safari Wooden Play Set comes with its very own jeep, a ranger & 7 wooden safari animals. Ideal for children aged 12 months & above.
    £7.95 £19.95
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    Pink Mouse Stacking Ring  Pink Mouse Number Puzzle 
    Pink Mouse Stacking Ring Pink Mouse Number Puzzle
    An ideal first wooden toy for babies, this Pink Mouse Stacking Toy contains 6 colourful rings & is beautifully hand painted. If your little one is just learning to walk, our Push Along Wooden Giraffeis the ideal toy. The red & green wooden beads rattle as he is pushed along!
    £13.95 £12.95
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    Set of 4 Wooden Cupcakes Push Along Wooden Giraffe
    Set of 4 Wooden Cupcakes Push Along Wooden Giraffe
    Our Wooden Cupcakes look good enough to eat! The cupcakes are striped with sprinkle icing & have  blue bases. This stylish French Cocotte Kitchen Trolley is the ideal play kitchen. Your little ones can cook up a yummy meal, with the 8 accessories that are included.
    £8.95 £8.50
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     Push Along Wooden Zebra  Circus Mini Wooden Puzzle Set
    Push Along Wooden Zebra Circus Mini Wooden Puzzle Set
    This Push Along Wooden Zebra has been hand painted in black & white & has has black felt ears that are lovely & soft to touch. Roll up, the circus is in town. This colourful mini Wooden Circus Puzzlefeatures 3 characters including a dancing bear, elephant & tiger.
    £8.50 £8.50
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    Safari Mini Wooden Puzzle Set Wooden Side Plates and Knives
    Safari Mini Wooden Puzzle Set Wooden Side Plates and Knives
    This set consists of 3 puzzles, each made up of 3 hand painted pieces & is the perfect first jigsaw puzzle for little ones. This Wooden Side Plates & Knives Setis perfectly sized for little hands & is beautifully decorated with a floral design.
    £8.50 £5.75
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  • Ooh La La – New wooden toys from France

    While attending the London Toy Fair last week we found some wonderful new wooden toys from French toy maker Janod.


    Stacking Duck Family Learn to count hedgehog
    Stacking Duck Family Learn To Count Hedgehog
    This is an ideal first learning toy for baby, with 10 colourful rings that are numbered so that children can learn to count & colour match. This really is a quality product! Children will have fun learning to count with this colourful wooden hedgehog. Little ones can match the dots to the numbers on the spikes.
    £18.95 £16.95
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    Music Toy Pretend Play Fruit & Veg
    Red Xylophone Roller Fruits and Vegetables Basket
    This wooden pull along red xylophoneroller has 8 colourful notes & is crafted from curved wood. A beautiful & stylish toy. A basket full of fruit including lemons, strawberries & lots lots more! This 24-piece fruit & vegetable pretend play set is the perfect addition to our play shops & kitchens.
    £33.50 £24.50
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     Maxi Kitchen  Kitchen Trolley
    French Cocotte Maxi Kitchen Cocotte Kitchen Trolley
    This charming French Country Kitchencomes with some fantastic accessories, including cooking utensils, a frying pan, pan, oven glove & 1 fried egg. This stylish French Cocotte Kitchen Trolley is the ideal play kitchen. Your little ones can cook up a yummy meal, with the 8 accessories that are included.
    WAS £107.99 NOW £89.99 WAS £84.99 NOW £64.99
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     DIY Truck  Grand Prix in a Suitacase
    DIY Workbench Truck Grand Prix Racing Set in a Suitcase
    This 4 in 1 workbench will be a big hit with your little DIY enthusiast. The set comes complete with 22 accessories. With 3 rubbers wheels, the tools can be pulled along to the next DIY job. A 21-piece Grand Prix Racing Set that comes in its very own suitcase. Children will have everything they need to hold their very own Grand Prix!
    WAS £34.95 NOW £28.50 WAS £41.99 NOW £36.95
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    Knights Play Set Play Bus Walker
    Wooden Knights Playset Ride on London Bus and Walker
    This Wooden Knights Play set will allow your little ones to immerse themselves in a Medieval world of battle. his bright, wooden red bus is ideal for children aged 12-months & up. It can be used as a walker & when they get a little bigger it can be used as a ride on toy.
    £21.99 £64.95
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  • Fabulous New Toys JUST FOR YOU

    We’ve been a busy bunch at Wooden Toy Shop working behind the scenes, sourcing lots of new & fabulous products for the website.  Here are a few of our favourite picks!

    Push Along Wooden Toys

    Circus Train Wooden Puzzle Retro Wooden racer
    Circus Animal Train Le Toy Van Red Retro Racer
    A beautiful hand painted Wooden Circus Animal Train. Three trailers are attached to the train, to transport your circus animals to their next show! Start your engines! This Retro Racer from Le Toy Van comes with Louis, the Budkins racing driver, a chequered flag & even has real rubber tyres.
    £21.95 £15.95
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    Farm Yard Animals Wooden Puzzle Wooden Farm Vehicle Set
    Farm Yard Mini Wooden Puzzle Set First Wooden Farm Vehicles
    This Farm Yard Mini Wooden Puzzle Set is beautifully hand crafted & comes with 3 small puzzles including a chicken, a pig & a cow. This lovely colourful set of hand painted farm vehicles comes with a tractor, a horse box & a trailer.
    £8.50 £8.95
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    Animal Farm Wooden Puzzle Animal Puzzle Train
    Wooden Farm Tractor Puzzle Pull Along Wooden Animal Puzzle
    A pull along toy & a puzzle! Each of the colourfully painted wooden farm animals can be taken apart & reassembled in many different ways! Stack the toys, complete the puzzles or pull along the animals in the choo choo train. This Pull Along Train Puzzle includes 6 hand crafted wooden animals including a cat, frog, lion, dinosaur, pink mouse & a cheeky monkey!
    £22.95 £23.95
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    Music Box 
    Circus Carousel Music Box
    A beautiful hand painted Circus Carousel Music Box featuring our favourite circus animals, twirling to the soothing sound of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
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  • Welcome to our wonderful world of pretend play!

    Welcome to our wonderful world of pretend play! Encourage children to explore their imagination & learn new play ideas.

    New Products

    Table & Chair Set Push Along Wooden Toys
    Rainbow Table and 4 Chairs Set Push Along Circus Tiger
    A sturdy, rainbow table with 4 matching stools colorfully painted in red, orange, blue & green. This charming, hand-painted push along wooden toy is perfect for little ones who are just learning to walk.
    WAS £159.99 NOW £89.99 £8.50
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    Airport Play Set

    Wooden Airport Play Set

    Our Wooden Airport Play Set comes complete with an executive jet, baggage cart & passengers. Packed full of accessories, it has everything a young pilot needs for hours of pretend play fun!

    WAS £129.99 NOW £79.99





    Jungle Lodge Wooden Toy Easel
    Jungle Safari Lodge Knight & Dragon Easel
    Create your very own jungle safari adventure! Our Wooden Safari Lodge comes with lots of accessories & has won many educational awards for it’s outstanding quality. A wonderful product from French toy maker Jeujura, our 2 in 1 Knight & Dragon easel has a blackboard & magnetic whiteboard – perfect for drawing & writing.
    WAS £89.99 NOW £49.99 WAS £89.99 NOW £29.99
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    Ambulance Toys Hand Puppets
    Pintoy Ambulance Golden Labrador Hand Puppet
    This wooden Pintoy Ambulance Setcomes with two paramedics and a wooden stretcher. The ambulance has a lift off top for added play value. It’s a puppet! This charming Labrador Puppy will provide hours of entertainment & is perfect for little children or adults with smaller hands.
    WAS £34.95 NOW £21.95 WAS £11.99 NOW £4.99
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