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New Wooden Toys from Bigjigs

Bigjigs Red Bus Shape Sorter


Here at WoodenToyShop we are huge fans of Bigjigs toys and we are always excited when the new catalogue arrives in the office. We get even more excited when a delivery arrives at our warehouse, which is what happened on Friday last week. We hope you will enjoy the following highlights from our new selection of wooden toys from Bigjigs.

The colourful Bigjigs Red Bus Sorter (pictured above) is a perfect gift for an inquisitive 18 month old toddler. Many toddlers love red buses almost as much as they love animals, so this wooden shape sorter will delight and challenge in equal measure. This smashing toy will help children to learn about shapes, colours and even the names and spelling of lots of different animals.

Triangular Activity Centre

The brilliant Triangular Activity Centre is a super toy for children aged around 12 months and over. There are so many activities that even the most distracted of little ones will find something entertaining to do, whether it’s recognising familiar pictures, learning letters, counting with the abacus, drawing on the chalk board or wrestling with the shape maze.


Bigjigs Bunny Ride On Click on the Bunny for more details.


Toddlers will also enjoy riding on this Bigjigs Bunny Ride On, which although not a new model, is brand new to WoodenToyShop. With soft fabric ears and colourful patterned wheels, this wooden ride on also doubles as a shape sorter with a little bit of room under the seat for storing one or two favourite toys. We’re sure this Bunny will be a big hit with WoodenToyShoppers.


Bigjigs Pirate Height Chart How tall are you, cabin boy?


We have added to our selection of height charts with six new wooden charts: fairy; pirate; astronaut; dinosaur; cow; and crocodile. We’re sure at least one of these will appeal to your little angels, but our favourite has to be the pirate, if only because we love a stripy top!

Bigjigs Crazy Golf


If you are a golfing fanatic and want to share your passion with your children – or rather, if they insist on sharing your passion – then this Crazy Golf set is an excellent starting point. Perfect for indoor (probably best under supervision!) or outdoor play, this wooden golf set comes with two putters and balls, four holes and wooden obstacles and two score cards.


Candy Floss Patisserie Stand Click on the image above for more details.


Continuing with its fine tradition of producing high quality play food, Bigjigs has launched some new toys in its Candy Floss range this year. Last week we were delighted to take delivery of this Candy Floss Patisserie Stand, a beautiful three tiered wooden cake stand which even has a sliding cake cover on the bottom shelf to keep your French Fancies as fresh as possible. This lovely set comes with lots of play cakes, including a sliceable birthday cake for those very special occasions. At only £41.95*, we think this represents fantastic value for money for a stylish wooden toy with so much potential for fun.


Candy Floss Muffin Tray

The Candy Floss Muffin Tray is a perfect companion to the Patisserie Stand. This painted wooden tray comes with six pretend muffins, each of which has removable toppings. On the other hand, if you are trying to teach your children the benefits of eating healthily, the Candy Floss Smoothie Mixer Set will help you talk to your children about fruit and dairy products as you play together and mix up a very healthy drink.


Bigjigs Candy Floss Smoothie Mixer Set


Our final new Bigjigs toy is the Breakfast Tray Puzzle, a super shape-sorting tray which holds everything you need for the kind of breakfast that will set you up for the day. Children will enjoy sorting the cereal box, milk carton, fruit juice, beaker, tea cup, plate, bowl, cutlery, slice of toast and butter dish. Everyone loves a good breakfast and every toddler loves a good toy, so this one’s a winner!


Breakfast Tray Puzzle

*Price correct at the time of writing.


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