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New Le Toy Van Wooden Toys

Buccaneer's Fort Trap Door


We get very excited in the WoodenToyShop office when we review the latest Le Toy Van catalogue. We are huge fans of Le Toy Van and their beautifully designed and very well made wooden toys. From fantastic farm toys to pirate ships, play kitchens and dolls houses, some of our best selling and favourite toys come from this award winning London based toy company which continues to innovate and astound with new painted wooden toys. We have put together a guide to the new wooden toys we are expecting from Le Toy Van in 2013.

Fans of wooden pirate toys will love two newcomers that will be sailing into our warehouse in the spring. First off, we have the Jolly Pirate Ship which is a colourful toy pirate ship with three sails, a crow’s nest, a canon and a plank for stowaways to walk. The ship also has an anchor which can be lowered and raised as required, a trap door on deck and an opening stern for extra fun.

Le Toy Van Jolly Pirate Ship Click on the ship for more details.


If your baby buccaneers want to exercise their land legs, then they will enjoy a spell in the new Buccaneer’s Pirate Fort. This brilliant new toy brings something fresh to pirate play. A combination of toy castle and pirate ship, this wooden fort sits on a jetty so that ships can dock and unload their booty. The jetty has a working winch, cannon and plenty of places to weigh anchor. The fort has a lookout tower with rope ladder, flies two Jolly Rogers and has a trap door (with net to capture prisoners), a prison and a revolving door. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

Le Toy Van Buccaneer's Pirate Fort Click on the image above for more details.


If your house is home to a princess rather than a pirate, then take a look at Fairybelle Palace. This fabulous fantasy palace is a painted wooden fairy tale castle with a floral motif throughout. It has two towers, one of which has a princess balcony. Inside the palace walls is a beautiful garden which is accessed via the working drawbridge. In the event of a royal visit, there is a bed for a sleeping beauty and a table, chairs and tea set.

Le Toy Van Fairybelle Palace What a fabulous toy! Click on the image above for more details.


A wonderful companion to Fairybelle Palace is also due in soon. Fairybelle Carriage and Unicorn is the ultimate mode of transport for any self-respecting princess or fairy doll. This beautiful wooden carriage is pulled by a smiling unicorn and inside rides Fairybelle herself. This pretty wooden doll and unicorn are fully detachable and will play happily inside the palace.

Le Toy Van Fairybelle Carriage and Unicorn Arrive in style!


Dragonclaw Castle is a more traditional design which is a perfect first castle for children aged around 3 and above. It has three wooden towers, a working drawbridge and red running boards. Pennants decorated with a black dragon motif fly from each of the towers and the castle sits on a sturdy wooden play base.


Le Toy Van Dragonclaw Castle

Our final taster today is a new addition to the very popular Honeybake range. The Camper Mini Stove Set brings glamping indoors with the kind of style and panache we have come to expect from Le Toy Van. This portable wooden toy stove has two rings (controlled by clicking dials) and a red-check splash back. A red kettle with polka dot design is also supplied, along with a camping mug (an early morning cuppa is so important when you are camping). There is also a griddle, a sausage, fried egg and bottle of ketchup for an early morning fry-up.


Le Toy Van Camper Mini Stove Now then. Who fancies a cuppa and a bacon butty?


We’ll reveal some more exciting new role play toys later on this week.

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