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More new Wooden Toys from Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van Biscuit and Plate Set

Welcome to our second look at the new toys due in over the next few months from Le Toy Van. If your children love farm toys, then read on, as we have what we think of as some very special new toys which can fit together to form one deluxe wooden Giant Farm toy. On the other hand, if your little ones prefer play food and baking toys, then we have a couple of crackers for your delectation.

Le Toy Van Stables


Starting off on the farm, allow us to introduce the Stables, a fantastic wooden stables set which comes with horse and rider (popular Budkins character Polly), a stable yard with movable fencing, hay bales and all the tools you need for mucking out! The stables sit on a wooden play base which will fit next to the Blue Barn, the second new farmyard toy due from Le Toy Van this year. The Blue Barn is a colourful wooden barn with hay loft, ladder, working winch and fully operational side doors. Bertie the Budkins farmer comes with this set, along with a pitch fork, sheep and two lambs.


Le Toy Van Blue Barn The brilliant Blue Barn.


The Hog and Hen Pen also fits next to the Blue Barn and Stables. This brilliant farm toy gives children the chance to keep pigs and hens from the comfort of the play room. Inside the pen, a raised coop is home to three chickens, while two pigs and two piglets live happily outside. Jimmy the Farm Boy Budkins character is also on hand to make sure all the daily chores get done.


Le Toy Van Hog and Hen Pen We love this Hog and Hen Pen!


The final piece of the Giant Farm jigsaw is the Yellow Barn. This fits alongside the Stables, Blue Barn and Hog and Hen Pen, but, as with the other toys, works perfectly well on its own. The Yellow Barn is home to a cow and calf and has a feeding station and trough, all of which is overseen by Rosie the Farmer’s Wife who ferries stuff about with her wheelbarrow and bucket.


Le Toy Van Yellow Barn


Playing shop is a favourite pastime for many young children. The new Le Toy Van Cash Register is a lovely new addition to our range of toy shops and accessories. A beautiful complement to the Honeybake Weighing Scales, the Cash Register is painted bold red, has soft touch buttons, a spring loaded drawer, wooden till receipt and some wooden money.


Le Toy Van Cash Register


If play food is all the rage in your home, then this fabulous new Le Toy Van Blender Set is a wonderfully colourful wooden toy which comes with a blender, lots of play fruit, smoothie beakers and straws. Children will have loads of fun creating new smoothies and mixing up a storm.


Le Toy Van Blender Set Time for a healthy smoothie?


This new Biscuit and Plate Set is a wooden plate filled with familiar wooden biscuits. When it’s time for tea and biscuits, the children will love bringing this set out and passing the biscuits around.


Le Toy Van Biscuit and Plate Set Don't forget to share!


Our final new Le Toy Van toy (we’ve saved the best until last) is the very tasty looking and tantalising Chocolate Box, a fabulous wooden tray which holds nine very beautiful wooden chocolates, all of which are attached to the tray with Velcro pads. These are almost too good for the kids!


Le Toy Van Chocolate Box


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