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Early Learning

  • Incorporating Nature in Play

    Over recent years, the time children spend outdoors has been massively reduced. Studies have consistently highlighted the benefits of time in nature for childhood development. Here, we look at the facts and how you can help your child spend more time with nature.

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  • The Challenges and Gifts of Dyslexia

    Children with dyslexia will all face challenges due to their condition. However, not only can these challenges be overcome, dyslexia can also be an advantage in certain circumstances. Our infographic demonstrates how to identify, learn and succeed with dyslexia.

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  • How to Help Your Child Learn to Read

    Learning to read is fundamental to a child's development, stimulating their imagination and expanding their understanding of their surroundings. As a parent, you are your childs most influential teacher. Knowing the best way for your child to learn can be vital. Follow our guide for hints and tips on the best way to help your child learn to read, whatever their age.

    How to Help Your Child Learn to Read

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  • Learning through Play – Toys and the Early Years Foundation Stage

    Bigjigs ABC Wooden Blocks


    For parents of children aged up to 5 years old, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a vital time in their children’s lives. This is the time when parents and carers can prepare children for school and for all future learning and life in general. If your children are attending a registered nursery, pre-school or reception class, you will be aware of the requirement for child minders, nursery nurses, teachers and other child care professionals to follow the EYFS Framework which was revised in September 2012. We hope the following WoodenToyShop Guide to Toys for the Early Years Foundation Stage will prove useful to anyone wishing to buy wooden toys that are not only fun to play with, but also support learning and development in young children.

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