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Early Learning Wooden Toys for Childminders

Along with selling directly to parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends, WoodenToyShop also works with childminders to supply enjoyable and educational wooden toys for young children, from early learning toys right through our range to outdoor toys, play houses, sand pits and play centres.

The value of learning through play cannot be understated and at WoodenToyShop many of the toys we supply for younger children fall into the early learning category. From a very early age, babies begin to respond to visual and auditory stimuli and our range of baby mobiles and rattles are perfect for very young children.

BigJigs Bear Baby Gym


Toys such as this BigJigs Bear Baby Gym encourage babies to stretch their developing arms and legs as they respond to the colours and sounds of the toy.

As babies start to crawl and then toddle, a baby walker is a perfect toy for helping children strengthen their legs and improve their balance as they move around a room supported by what quickly becomes their favourite object, which often also serves to transport the toys and bits and bobs that toddlers carry around with them. Many baby walkers, such as the wonderful I’m Toy Baby Walker with Pattern Blocks, come loaded with wooden blocks and shapes which challenge, stimulate, educate and entertain in equal measure.

I'm Toy Baby Walker with Pattern Blocks


Look in any nursery or play room and we bet you will find some building and stacking toys. Babies and toddlers love building towers of wooden blocks and (we know they love this even more) sending the tower crashing down with the swoop of one hand. Building and stacking toys allow children to develop their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. They help them to learn about balance and perception and also encourage them to develop concentration skills at an early age. The Plan Toys 50 Wooden Blocks is a perfect starting point for any childminder or parent wishing to introduce these skills and abilities to young children.

Plan Toys 50 Wooden Blocks


Along with building and stacking toys, young children enjoy playing with shape sorting toys which help them to learn about shapes and perception, as well as improving hand/eye coordination and motor skills. We have plenty of shape sorters at WoodenToyShop, including the brilliant Le Toy Van Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter, which also allows grownups to tell children the much loved story of Noah and the flood and also gives children the chance to learn the names of animals and to count them on and off the ark.

Le Toy Van Noah's Ark Shape Sorter


Young and inquisitive children love nothing more than solving basic puzzles. Our range of first wooden puzzles contains a rich variety of wooden toys that will help children to learn shapes, sounds, colours, numbers and letters. Younger children enjoy playing with peg puzzles, which have large pieces and easy to grasp peg handles. The Melissa and Doug First Shapes Peg Puzzle is a fine example of one which can be enjoyed by children aged around 12 months and over.Melissa and Doug First Shapes Peg Puzzle

Slightly older children (around 2+ years) will enjoy the challenge of the John Crane ABC Board, which cleverly teaches them the alphabet by matching each letter with an item beginning with the letter (u = umbrella, for example).John Crane ABC Board

We understand that busy childminders need high quality and long lasting toys that are both amusing and educational. Here at WoodenToyShop we are happy to meet those needs with our winning range of wooden wonders!

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