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  • Keeping Kids Entertained on Long Car Journeys

    Travelling is tiring at the best of times, but with children along for the ride it can be even more taxing. Fear not! Weve looked into it for you and come up with some great ideas for keeping kids entertained on long car journeys.

    From games to play, to snacks and rest time, this infographic shows you just how to keep those young minds occupied. So youll hear less of the dreaded Are we there yet?

    Theres even a list of some essential items you wont want to travel without. Read on for top advice and tried and tested tips.

    Travelling with Kids

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  • 100's of New Toys for Everyone!

    New Toy Showcase

    Police Car Spotty Toaster Melon & Strawberry Cheesecake
    Click Clack Police Car


    Spotty GreenToaster


    Melon & Strawberry Cake


    Kiwi & Strawberry Cake Peach & Strawberry Chocolate Cake
    Kiwi and Strawberry Cake


    Peach and Strawberry Cake


    Slicing Chocolate Cake in a Box


    Wooden Tea Bags Wooden Biscuits Slicing Cheese Cake in a Box
    Box of 6 Wooden Tea Bags
    Box of 6 Wooden Biscuits
    Slicing Cheesecake in a Box
    Mini Salami Cake Shape Sorter Crate of Oranges
    3 x Colourful Mini Salami


    Cake Shape


    Crate of Wooden Oranges


    Massive Dolls Bundle Dolls Living Room Set Dolls Classic Kitchen
    Classic Dolls House Furniture
    Classic Dolls House Living
    Room Set
    Classic Dolls House Kitchen
    Dolls House Bedroom Set Dolls house bedroom set Dolls House Nursery Set
    Classic Dolls House
    Bedroom Set
    Classic Dolls House
    Bathroom Set
    Classic Dolls House
    Nursery Set
  • New Toys from Bigjigs & Vilac

    Bigjigs & Vilac Wooden Toys

    We’ve added lots of fabulous new toys to the WoodenToyShop.  Here are some of our favourites that we know you'll love!

    Bigjigs construction set City Vehicles Set
    Bigjigs Construction Vehicles Set Bigjigs City Vehicles Set
    This Bigjigs Construction Vehicles Set has a crane, tipping truck, digger, dumper & a front loader. This fantastic City Vehicles Set incudes a black cab, fire engine, bus, police car & even a tug boat!
    £14.50 £10.50
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     Stacking Truck Play Set  Stacking Farm Animals
    Stacking Truck Play Set Stacking Tractor and Animals
    This Stacking Truck from Vilac features a big red truck with 6 beautifully painted vehicles. Have fun stacking & counting with this wonderful Tractor & Animals Play Set from French toy maker Vilac.
    £26.50 £26.50
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    Mini Pirate Set Noahs Ark Shape Sorter
    Mini Pirate Ship Playset Noahs Ark Shape Sorter
    This Pirate Play Set may be mini but it’s packed full of accessories ready for pirate adventures! Our Wooden Shape Sorter Play Set has 16 pieces. Some of the animals have magnets & can be attached to the side of the Ark.
    £21.95 £22.95
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     Little Red Riding Hood Nesting Dolls  Goldilocks Nesting Dolls
    Little Red Riding Hood Nesting Dolls Goldilocks & The Three Bears Nesting Dolls
    Children will enjoy these hand painted Little Red Riding Hood Nesting Dolls. These stylish unique Goldilocks Nesting Dolls  forms a beautiful set of wooden ornaments when not in use.
    £25.95 £25.95
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     Wooden Shop Scales  veggie
    Shop Scales I Learn Counting and Vegetables
    Weigh your play food or ingredients with our Wooden Shop Scales. A great addition to any of our Play Kitchens. I Learn Counting Vegetables is a fabulous toy that is perfect for children aged 18 months & above who are just learning to count.
    £13.50 £26.95
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     Magnetic Pirate Puzzle Buccaneer Pirate Ship Set
    Magnetic Pirate Puzzle Buccaneer Pirate Ship Set
    This 7 piece Magnetic Stacking Pirate Puzzle has wooden pieces that all connect to each other with magnets. Made of solid wood, our Buccaneer Pirate Ship has everything youngsters need for an awesome pirate adventure!
    £10.50 £42.95
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  • First Aid for Babies

    Despite being tiny, babies can get themselves into big trouble. Yet many of us aren’t confident in our ability to help our children when they are injured or hurt.

    The statistics to support this are frankly staggering, and a little bit frightening. With over 500,000 children per year needing to go into casualty, only 10% of parents are confident in their first aid skills.

    Here at Wooden Toy Shop, we thought we’d try and do our bit to spread the word about first aid so parents can learn to help their babies when they are injured. We hope that by reading about some of the first aid techniques you can use, many of you will be spurred onto to go to specialist first aid courses. If that’s you, then you can use the links below to find a course for you.

    The techniques we cover in this piece are to help you in some of the most common ways babies find themselves in trouble. This includes what to do when your child is choking, unconscious or not breathing, has been burnt or scalded, or has been cut, bruised or bleeding.

    Find a course today

    British Red Cross

    Daisy First Aid

    St John’s Ambulance 

    First Aid for Life

    St Andrew’s First Aid

    First Aid for Babies

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