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BigJigs Number Tower Review


BigJigs Number Tower


Esther and William are 22 months old. They adore sorting, stacking and posting.  We are collecting wooden stackers and sorters at the moment as I try very hard to weed out our plastic toys and replace them with more traditional wood.

As a parent and a school teacher I like toys that are educational. I realise that at 22 months everything my twins do is a learning experience but there are some things that we try to specifically focus on each day such as learning our shapes, our colours and our numbers.

When asked to review a product from the Wooden Toy Shop I had in mind something that would help Esther and William learn to count.

The BigJigs Number Tower stacker is perfect though at this moment in time is a bit too difficult for Esther and William to work on independently.

The Big Jigs Tower is recommended for children aged 12 months and up but I think realistically it should be for children from 2 years.  Esther and William were premature babies and so have a corrected age of just 19 months however they are significantly above average for their age and yet found this tower a real challenge. I like that it is challenging and that it is going to be a toy we can use for years to come as I feel that the uses of the tower will grow with the children as they begin to explore more difficult concepts and enjoy solving more complex problems. At the moment I just let them use the stacking blocks in their own way.


Esther and William love the stacker and being the determined little creatures that they are they were willing to give it a go and they keep coming back to it to try and make it work. It is great for developing their concentration levels and their fine motor skills / hand and eye coordination.

The Number Tower is made up of 10 brightly coloured wooden blocks each with a number displayed on it in digits and words.  The blocks stack together to make a tower and each piece fits to the next in a slightly different way enabling children to explore colour, shape, balance and pattern as well as number when playing with this toy.


For £13.95 with free delivery I think that this bright, sturdy and well made toy is a must for little hands learning to sort and stack and count.  A great addition to our growing wooden toy collection.

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